What Our Customers are Saying

Extremely helpful with legally deaf. Thank you for this.
Much better than before!
It was a pleasure to come here. So efficient & professional.
I am always happy to come here.
Jessica was superb!
Best DMV experience I’ve ever had. Thanks!
K. Burns
Kay was outstanding, so helpful and caring. She did great!
S. Crane
I do customer service consulting for Fortune 100 Companies, I have used my experience here as an example of how to do it right!
D. Jones
Kim assisted us in a very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous manner.
J. Pesanello
Ruthie was extremely kind and helpful, she made the procedure totally painless.
J. Barnes
Lisa gave us outstanding service.
F. Phelan
Best License experience I’ve ever had.
Your outstanding with your service.
Excellent service by Miss Vernia.
Excellent service Emily deserves a raise!
Great job! Lisa C. was fast, friendly and efficient.
Vernia was most pleasant and professional.
This is so pleasant here, very helpful, people are very friendly.
Kim & Carol are assets to Randy Mask Tax Collector.
Best motor vehicle experience I’ve had in the USA!
Nicest DMV experience I’ve ever had.
Lisa C is excellent.
Just keep up the good work, Ruthie was great!
This was a complicated situation and Ruthie handled it perfectly! I so appreciate her job performance.
Josie was very helpful, keep up the great work!
Never had a County or State office be such a pleasant experience!
Jessica made it the best DMV experience!
Sharon was very, very nice, and she knew what she was doing!
J. & D. Nichols
Very easy & fast! Great job!
It is almost a pleasure to visit DMV.
Jessica was excellent!
Kim was very friendly and professional!
Anna went above and beyond.
Best system in the US!
Way more efficient than Michigan!
Everyone is extremely courteous and efficient here!
Keep doing what you are doing!
Excellent job, thank you! Teach the workers in other states how you treat tax payers!
As a transplant from Philadelphia, PA, it was a pleasure to experience the efficiency of the personnel here, along with their friendliness.
Michelle is awesome!
As new residents of Florida, I found the staff here to be the most cooperative and professional. Always smiling with customer in mind. Excellent job.
J. Reveruzzi
This is the best DMV experience ever! All the ladies were wonderful, understanding, patient, and kind! Thanks!
In 47 years (for that matter, in my lifetime) I have never received such great service in government offices. I moved to Florida last month, I came to a great state. Thanks!
The timeliness was great for drivers license and property tax payment. Emily was great!
Best DMV experience ever!
This was my best experience with a government office!
Anna was great, thank you!
Kay was so helpful and so knowledgeable. She went above & beyond to take care of us.
Kay & Jessica are awesome!
Sharon was great!
Excellent service!
Very efficient!
Let the state of New York know how to run the DMV!
Ruthie stayed late to accommodate us. She couldn't have done more. She never showed frustration, she should have told us to come back. Very valuable employee!
Best DMV I’ve ever been to! THANK YOU!
Love changes that were made in office area.
Best experience ever in DMV process!! Thank you.
Always a pleasure to come here. Excellent service.
Your staff was very helpful and nice. Best experience at a DMV.
Michelle was wonderful.
Jessica was very good, thorough, and knowledgeable.
Veneer was exceptional, very helpful and patient! Terrific!
Had a not-so-normal situation & they solved it!
You are far, far better than GA!
I was amazed how fast & efficient it was for the service!
Outstanding service!
-Lt. Barrow, Ret.
Coming from CT, this was an amazingly easy & fast service. Thank you!
Excellent service. Very good experience.
Compared to NY, this is heaven!
I wish all offices work like you guys! Great!
Excellent experience – It was all professional & done in a timely manner.
This is a terrific service organization!
All were terrific & very helpful!
Amazing! Josie & Carmen were super!
What a pleasant experience. Help New York's DMV.
My insurance company stumbled badly. Lisa went beyond to correct the USAA company to show proper coverage.
Ernestine went beyond the call of duty.
Ernestine was really helpful.
Thank you for your excellent service and pleasant employees.
Teach Rhode Island how to do this!
Very nice experience!
Tell Iowa how you do this!
Best DMV I have ever been to!
So quick! I didn't have time to read my book. Thanks!
Was first time here. Very convenient, easy, and fast.
Great experience – Kayla was great!
Don was just as helpful as he was before.
Teach New York state how to do this!
I love this office because of the wait time. Very fast/efficient!
Very efficient, the whole process.
It was a great experience, fast and friendly. Thank you!
Carol was very helpful with a difficult process.
Best office ever!
Sharon & Vernia were very very good, personable and knowledgeable. Vernia had a great attitude & sense of humor.
We had no waiting line, and the specialist worked both of us at the same time. Thanks Carol!
Love that you don’t have to stand in line.
It’s a pleasure to come in here!
Jessica is a pleasant, effective, intelligent asset to your organization.
Iris is an absolute perfect interface to the public. I felt right at home.
Lisa was spectacular. Very helpful with a great personality!
Just keep going like you are!!!
Ruthie was very kind & took care of all my special needs.
Ruth did a superior job.
Fastest DMV I've ever been to.
Train all other U.S. DMV offices!
No one can be as good or better!
Vernia did an awesome job.
Keep up the great work, service was excellent.
Everyone was efficient and very friendly! Thanks!
Best experience I’ve ever had at a DMV!